To submit a request you must register the first time, or just log-in if you have already registered.  If you registered for a different building in the district you can use the same log-in for all 3 locations. If you reserve facilities for multiple organizations you can have one login using your name, then add the applicable organizations.

If you are requesting a facility on the weekend and require custodial or maintenance personnel.  You will be billed accordingly for this service.

Please include the Event Begin and End times as well as the Facility Setup Begin and End times. 

If event hours require a scan card for building entry, please fill out the request form at Request Form Link

New Policy changes:
***A $100 dollar key deposit will be charged when a building key or swipe card is requested. The key deposit will be made with a personal check and kept on file.  The deposit will be returned when the building key or swipe card is returned.

***EL, MS, HS Kitchen use provision:
In order to ensure the safety of all and to maintain the proper condition of school district property and equipment, the presence of a food services employee will be required whenever a school kitchen or kitchen cooler is used.  The food services worker will be available to supervise kitchen use and will be available to assist in food preparation, distribution, kitchen clean-up, or related activity.  The food service worker will not, however, be responsible for the lead of any such operation and will not have sole responsibility for any activity.  The group will be responsible for the wages of that worker.

NOTE: A signed Facility Use Request form may also be necessary, please check with the Building Secretary or Principal.

For Questions or Problems please contact the building secretary(s) at which you are attempting to make your reservation(s):

Elementary School - Lynn Breister -

Middle School - Bonnie Johnson -

High School - Michelle Hilbrand -